C vs C++ Programming Language.

Can you tell me why C++ is best than C language? And not just because of the double pluses.

C++ is often considered better just because it has classes that are the basis of object-oriented programming language.

I know Java is object-oriented programming, though all the errors and updates it gives me don’t make me think it’s excellent. Java and other object-oriented programming languages have the advantage of code re-use. And modular programming, which is easier to
debug than functional programming.

However, C is usually taught as the first programming language to most students. If you’ll master the C programming language, you’ll write anything from server applications to drivers to web apps.

And you’ll learn C++ an entire lot faster because the vocabulary is that the same, with just the classes and objects, added. That’s like saying that you’ve learned English, go learn these hard vocabulary terms and other regional parts of speech. You mean phrases.

C++ in some ways is easier because it doesn’t require you to learn the low-level commands. But then there are all the pointers and arrays. And there is pointer arithmetic, which is about as painful as Common Core math but without partial credit for explaining how you were thinking about it.

Compared to C# and therefore the dot-net framework, much less working with Microsoft servers, C++ is straightforward. C++ has off-by-one errors. That’s not just a problem in C++, and you’ll solve it with iterators for the off-by-one errors.

I think we’re getting off the topic. A lot of the hesitation about C++ is that it’s C with classes and OOP. But the fact that it both gives you the flexibility and universality of C with the supportability of OOP.

Is supportability a word? Yes. I feel some people struggle to find out C++ because it’s numerous features that they don’t master all of them, whereas simpler, limited languages are easy to master but tie you up in knots trying to use it for problems to which
they aren’t suited. And what is C++ suited for? Almost everything, including internet applications C cannot handle it.

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