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MP Birla Perfect Cement

MP Birla Perfect Cement is a superior quality fly ash-based Portland Pozzolana Cement. It conforms to the guidelines mentioned under the IS: 1489 (Part 1) and is manufactured in hi-tech plants using cutting-edge technology. This cement may be a product of in depth research and innovation. It is designed during a way in order that it gives the concrete structure ultimate strength and sturdiness . Moreover, it also ensures a reduced construction time. Right from its manufacturing to packaging, we take extra care to ensure that we deliver you superior quality products consistently.

Om Agro Traders is the dealer main dealer of Perfect Cement in Berasia Bhopal.

Perfect Cement Price

The price of any cement goes up and down due to various market factor. Price of Perfect Cement varies from 340 Rupees to 360 Rupees, for latest price call us or fill the contact form so that we can touch with you soon/ 

Why only MP Birla Perfect Cement?

  • Tamper Proof Bags: MP Birla Cement Perfect is packaged in Laminated Polypropylene (LPP) bags that are welded within the factory and opened only they reach the location . The special sealing makes it impossible to tamper with, so there is absolutely no wastage of cement.
  • Fast Setting Time: During construction, the cement setting time is typically the explanation for delay. Because of its chemical composition and finer particles, MP Birla Cement Perfect sets faster than other cements and makes the development stronger.
  • UPSD Technology: Handling the particle size is extremely essential in manufacturing good-performance cement. MP Birla Cement Perfect comes with Uniform Particle Size Distribution (UPSD) Technology. UPSD technology produces cement with required fineness and fast setting properties, resulting in high initial strength. UPSD Technology ensures consistent strength development across the whole concrete structure, making it last longer.
  • Weather Proof Bags: MP Birla Cement Perfect LPP bags are sealed within the factory and are opened once they reach your site. Your cement is always prevented from moisture and air. The air-proof bag packing makes sure that your home gets only the freshest cement. That means Cement in the 50 Kgs bag remains fresh.
  • Protection from Harmful Attacks:

    Perfect provides Denser Concrete/Mortar Paste Matrix by reducing the pore size to 37-40% much above others, thereby providing a Highly Impermeable Concrete and a Protective Shield to structures from all kinds of attacks. Thus, while setting, air, water, harmful chemicals, and CO2 cannot enter easily. As a result, you can build a structure with more strength and durability.


Some questions that most customers have when buying cement.

What is the rate of MP Birla Cement?

Current Rate of Perfect cement is 360 Rupees but depends on locations and various other factors. For a discounted price feel free to contact us.

Which cement is best in India?

MP Birla Perfect cement is the best PPC cement in India. 

Which cement is best for roofing?

There’s no that Ultimate Ultra cement is the best cement for roofing work. For Roofing it is recommended by many civil engineers. It has all qualities that must-have for roofing cement, The first one is water proof and the other required less water than in comparison with other cement.

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